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April 2013 – We’ve gone semi automatic!

Due to increased orders and variants of pressed metal components and welded assemblies we have updated our etch mark machine from manual to semi automatic. This upgrade will mean a more consistent marking of metal components and relieve a bottleneck in the marking of our pressed metal parts.

Etch marking is an alternative to laser marking and press marking and will leave a permanent impression on metal stamped components such as logos, product data and technical specifications with design possibilities being almost unlimited. We are currently etch marking stainless steel pressings and mild steel pressed parts that are plated. Metal components can be clearly marked and the process adapted for different surface shapes such as flat, round, concave, convex.


Sep 2021 - Well Done GE Starr!

We have succesfully passed our ISO14001 Environmental Audit and IATF16949 & ISO9001 Quality Audit - both with 0...
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