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Oct 13 - Automotive Connections

GE Starr has invested in an automotive information service with an industry wide online community for the management of key business information.

Following a comprehensive supplier registration and pre-qualification phase, GE Starr has now been linked to automotive OEM's and suppliers. This online portal will increase the visibility of GE Starr by providing accurate and up to date information on the key criteria that the participating OEM's deem critical in the sourcing process.

GE Starr will appear within the portal as being suppliers of the following automotive components.
1. Stamping and Press Parts
GE Starr has expertise in metal pressings, metal assemblies, welded assemblies, laser cut parts and all secondary operations and  these components can be used within any industry.  GE Starr curently supplies metal pressings and metal assemblies into 1st tier automotive suppliers.

2. Hinges and Checks
3. Rear Closure Systems
4. Side Door Hinges and Checks
5. Door Hinges
GE Starr currently produces assemblies within the trim and final category for our major automotive customers which include door hinges, decklid hinges, pedestrian impact bonnet release mechanism, tailgate hinges etc.

These assemblies require the outsourcing of all types of castings, bushes, turned and machined parts which GE Starr manufactures into quality hand built assemblies together with our in-house metal pressing production.



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