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Jul 2018 Transition update!

We were audited for ISO14001 in early July and have successfully transitioned to ISO14001:2015. Our auditor stated in his summary:

“The system for environmental management has been organised in line with the requirements of ISO14001-2015. A review to the new requirements was conducted. A satisfactory visit, with no issues or concerns identified. The Management Systems have been effectively developed and discussions confirmed understanding, commitment & implementation by the Senior Management Team."

The Company is clearly focused on achieving its business aims, and the EMS fits in well with its commitment to quality and delivery of service within the automotive supply chain. Operational processes are well organised and controlled. Evidence for customer facing processes were reviewed and there is good evidence of a committed approach to maintaining its environmental improvement and life cycle perspective throughout the process for manufacture and service delivery. Management team demonstrated effective leadership and commitment through support of the EMS, investment in resources, monitoring of performance and compliance with requirements.”

Sep 2021 - Well Done GE Starr!

We have succesfully passed our ISO14001 Environmental Audit and IATF16949 & ISO9001 Quality Audit - both with 0...
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