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Welded and riveted assemblies

Our assembly expertise lies in small batch size, hand built assemblies for any sector.


  • Batch 50 off
  • Up to 2500 per month

Our assembly work is produced using in house produced mild steel pressings or stainless steel pressings and quality outsourced parts which are then assembled on site in our purpose built assembly area.


Types of operations:

  • hand built assembly
  • spin riveting
  • bushing
  • chemical etch marking
  • drilling, tapping and reaming
  • spot welding and projection welding
  • fixing assembly
  • packing

We have considerable knowledge, which is continually expanding, on out sourcing parts including:

welded assembly

  • castings – gravity, pressure die and investment
  • forgings
  • machined parts – turned, CNC, cold headed, springs
  • fasteners
  • bushes
  • manipulated tubes
  • laser cut blanks

Outsourced Activities:

We currently supply the following outsourced activities. However should you have an additional requirement, we could source this for you.

  • zinc plating and zinc nickel plating
  • black chrome plating
  • e-coat or powder coat
  • electrostatic nylon
  • vibro deburr
  • brazing and welding
  • heat treatment
  • laser cutting
  • machining 

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