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Metal pressings and stampings

Our expertise lies in single operation metal pressings utilising our range of ‘C’ frame and large bed power presses ranging in capacity from 50-400 tons. Single operations compliment low to medium volume production to give value for money parts with cost effective tooling solutions. Operations are usually carried out individually, singularly or in pairs for handed parts, and sometimes may be staged or ganged.

metal pressings and stampingsTypes of operations:

  • blanking or cropping from strip, coil or blanks
  • forming, piercing, coining, marking and drawing
  • We have recently added in-press cold heading to our capability


  • 0.9mm to 7mm thick
  • Mild steel and stainless steel


  • From 500 per batch up to 20,000 per month

Need lower volume? We can supply metal pressings from laser cut blanks with secondary operations if required.


Metal pressings can be supplied self colour or coated for example:

  • plating – zinc, barrel zinc, black chrome or chrome
  • paint - e-coat or powder
  • surface – vibro deburr, polished or chemical black

Secondary Operations:

  • Drilling, tapping and reaming
  • Spot welding – nuts or studs
  • Chemcial etch marking

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