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May 2013 - Down to Earth!

GE Starr has launched an exciting new pressed metal earth clamp for one of its major piranha1customers. This clamp was a joint venture in design and development between GE Starr and our customer to increase their product range.

This exciting new hand built assembly showcases our manufacturing capabilities in quality metal manufacturing from metal stamping, welded assemblies and assembly of metal components.

We have utilised a range of our skills:

Presswork – mild steel pressings – blanked and formed
Welding - projection welding of nuts
Etch marking – with customer details
Sub Assembly – hand assembly of outsourced machined parts
Final Assembly – Spin rivet operation, inspection and packing

Parts are metal stamped for speed and reliability as suits the presswork production route with a rapid turnaround of finished parts with reduced lead times.

Sep 2021 - Well Done GE Starr!

We have succesfully passed our ISO14001 Environmental Audit and IATF16949 & ISO9001 Quality Audit - both with 0...
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