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April 2017 Fantastic News – New Orders!

Following the successful introduction during 2016 of our closure products for our prestigious luxury car maker customer, we now have confirmation that we have secured orders for similar assemblies for the next vehicle model due into production later this year.

The products include hood, decklid and door hinges along with a new bonnet latching system and bonnet and decklid strikers. The hood, decklid and door hinges are similar to those already in production but means we can use tried and trusted assembly methods.   New tooling for the project is in production and the pre-production build is imminent. Once again this is fantastic news for us and our suppliers as the model will run for 5+ years.

Sep 2021 - Well Done GE Starr!

We have succesfully passed our ISO14001 Environmental Audit and IATF16949 & ISO9001 Quality Audit - both with 0...
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