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We are pleased to announce that the new roofing covering our assembly and toolroom areas has now been completed and although the scaffolding is still up we are up and running and already seeing the benefits.

We have invested in having a roofing refit on our 1984 extension which houses our assembly, toolroom and spotwelding areas.  We chose to completely re-roof the area instead of overcladding, this will give us 10” of insulation and will make the working space more comfortable for our workforce in both the summer and winter months. We have also invested in new cladding and guttering  as well as new internal rubber doors and signage.

GE Starr has now traded for 60 years. The original “Starr Engineering Co.” was established by the late Graham Starr specialising in press tooling manufacture and general engineering. The company has developed and grown over the last 60 years, changing to GE Starr Ltd in 1975.  The company is still owned by the Starr family and currently manufactures metal pressings and assemblies for various industries.


GE Starr has successfully completed the next phase of our customer’s latest venture – prototype hood hinges. A series of prototypes such as door hinges, bonnet catches and seat belt loops have already been manufactured.

The latest stage of the project has been to manufacture prototype hood hinges. These have been manufactured using machined from solid parts in aluminium then assembled with bushing systems and accessories already used by us in some of our other current products.

We are currently undergoing a process of development for the next stage of the venture which are decklid hinge prototypes.



GE Starr manufactures niche volume, hand built assemblies for the Automotive industry. Since 2013 we have been working on a new model as the nominated supplier for hinge and closure products. We have spent many months working closely with our customer on the design concepts, through development and feasibility to production intent.

We are currently in the process of supplying parts for the initial build with production starting in the 2nd quarter of 2015. The first products we have at this stage are:

These will be followed by bonnet hinges and decklid hinges shortly.

This is an exciting phase for the company as this range of products represent manufacturing work for the next 4-6 years. This will give stability to GE Starr, our employees and our suppliers, many of which are local companies.

Following on from this success GE Starr is  involved with our customer's next project which is currently at the embryonic stage in its concept.


More good news. Following on from our recent positive recertification of our ISO9001 and TS16949 accreditations, GE Starr has done it again by passing its ISO14001 audit with flying colours.

Our auditor commended us in his report:

“The Company owners and senior management are to be commended for their ethos and pragmatic approach in managing the business, and demonstrating continued commitment towards maintaining the system and environmental compliance, whilst developing and supplying products in line with customer requirements, without losing sight of the need for environmental improvement. Continuous improvement in all aspects of the operation has been significant and this is an ongoing benefit to the business.”

GE Starr manufactures bespoke mild steel pressings, stainless steel pressings, welded assemblies and riveted assemblies. We use a range of materials from 1mm to 5mm so material utilisation and waste reduction is a major consideration when quoting new work.

We will continue to monitor our existing impacts and aspects during the coming year and will now additionally monitor material savings through continuous improvement acitivies.

Sep 2021 - Well Done GE Starr!

We have succesfully passed our ISO14001 Environmental Audit and IATF16949 & ISO9001 Quality Audit - both with 0...
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